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After reading all the iteresting information given this week, I think that blended learning is the best way to start a web course in order to help students to adapt a new educational system. If we do only face to face classes, there are a lot of things that we can be missing like interactions with other people around the world, propose meaningful activities the students could enjoy at home, use the technological tools available and the learnig environment could not be realistic and maybe monotonous. If we use only web teaching; the students can feel that they are by their own and if they are not autonomous enough the learning process could fail. Besides, all the good things about being on the web could not be used appropiately. The solution for beginner learners is to make a mix between face to face learning and web courses, because in this way the students will alaways keep contact with the teacher and at the same time will be learning and producing by their own. This also provides a very dinamoc way to take a course because the proposed activities are different from usual ones and the possibility to interact with real environments is huge and very rich.

Bearing in mind my student population I would decide to start using voice thread activties and interactive exercises in my wiki or class page, because this is what mostly call for the atention of ypung children who love to spend hours in front of the computer, I would also like to learn how to use REAL LIFE plataform for teaching because this would be very attractive for them, but I would have to do it during the classroom time in the school because they have to receive all the possible training and the necessary instruction to handle the tools.


After reading the article I just realized that there are many ways of working through internet without the obligation of having access to it. what until now had been described as a limitation for many teachers. When I visited the pages that the author suggests in the reading, I could nanalyze that there are web pages according to each student/teacher needs. The teacher´s labor is then to decide which kind of activities is suitabke for the age, educational level and student´s learning needs. Peronally I used script-O to create my class page and quiz and I really liked not just because it is easy to use, but because it is easy to handle, access and it allows you to create great activities. The interesting thing is that there are many others web pages that can help you to do the best that you can no matter if you are a beginner like me.



Blogs: Se refiere a una pagina web donde un grupo determinado o un solo creador publican articulos, reseñas y por supuesto comentarios sobre temas acdémicos o de actualidad. Es usado por profesores para informar y dar a conocer a otros sobre actividades pedagógicas llevadas a acabo con los alumnos.
Podcast: Es un archivo de sonido en el que el creador de un blog o wiki se presenta, da información o invita a visitar determinadas paginas web. Algunos ussuarios alternana sus discursos con musica o imagenes para dar variedad al contenido.
Social Networks: Estas me encantan!!!!!!!son redes en las que cuando alguien se hace ususario tiene la posibilidad de encontrar personas que ya conoce o conocer nuevos amigos a travez de chat, fotos, videos, etc. Cuando te conviertes en miembro formas parte de una red que empieza a conectar alas personas a travez de otras personas y asi crece la lista.
Wiki: es una pagina en la que el editor publica trabajos propios o links para accceder a otors articulos o documentos. Es muy parecido a un blog pero tiene más posibilidades de crear vinculos con otras paginas y es un poco más formal.****


A sucesfull online student need to have certain qualities that help to attend the course, understand what he/she is required to do and how to do it. If you are going to attend virtual classes there are some adjustements you have to be ready to do, like sharing some part of your personal and professional life, work individually with responsability and have the capacity to dedicate at least two daily hours to the subject, have the discipline to finish the activities on time and the most important is to be highly motivated and highly comproised with the subject, the other students and yourself.

I think that when you accept a challenge like this you are concious that although you have guide, most of the learning is going to be done by your own and all the process have to be mainly directed by you. For me, what makes a succesfull online student is the capacity to work under this new conditions and the discipline which the student assumes the challenge.



I liked the article it has very usefull and reflexive information. It is true that the chat is a great tool to get in touch with students i a more free way and to maximize the possibility to interact with native speakers, or other teachers. What it is important to keep in mind is that whatever kind of chat the teacher uses (free topic, collaborative task-oriented, etc) it must be goal oriented and needs a previous preparation. The chat activities are also usefull for the teachers because they help to plan different activities, share the work done with other colleagues, explore web tools and develop creative activities that change and optimize the methodology used. Chat is also useful to evaluate activities and the learning process in general. The important tips to keep in mind are that teachers and learners must learn how to use the web tools and after that use them for their specific purposes in that way the use of technology will be well worthed