**Week 1 reading: "What Makes a Successful Online Student**

A sucesfull online student need to have certain qualities that help to attend the course, understand what he/she is required to do and how to do it. If you are going to attend virtual classes there are some adjustements you have to be ready to do, like sharing some part of your personal and professional life, work individually with responsability and have the capacity to dedicate at least two daily hours to the subject, have the discipline to finish the activities on time and the most important is to be highly motivated and highly comproised with the subject, the other students and yourself.

I think that when you accept a challenge like this you are concious that although you have guide, most of the learning is going to be done by your own and all the process have to be mainly directed by you. For me, what makes a succesfull online student is the capacity to work under this new conditions and the discipline which the student assumes the challenge.