When dessigning an online lesson the teacher has to be very concious of the importance of:
  • Give clear and precise intructions to the students about what they are expected to do during the lesson
  • adapt all the content in a very graphic way so that the students can assimilate the topic easily
  • Make sure that the content is clearly explained in order to minimize the possible doubts students can have and give the student the feeling that he is not alone in the process, he can have the teacher guidance whenever he needs it but he needs to be an autonous learner
  • Give short but enough material, designed in a creative way that motivate the student the student to complete the lesson
This tips have to be taken into account also for face to face lessons, but when we talk about an online course it is important to keep in mind that the student is by his own and he needs to count on all the information and resources the teacher can give him so that we can minimize the risk of confussion or student feeling of lack of information.

When a teacher is giving a lesson in a classroom the students always have the possibility to ask, clear doubts and evaluate his understanding with the teacher during the class time. In an online course the opportunity to interact with the teacher and classmates is kind of reduced, that is why the teacher must give the necessary tools, such us: mail, blog links, wiki forums, etc.., for the students to get in contact with the instructor and other classmates and be able to solve doubts, make comments or reflect on their own learning.

As a conclusion I think that both teaching ways can be succesfull if they are done with enthusiasm, risponsability and the correct use of web tools or classroom teaching materials.